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SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener & Your Diet

SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener & Diabetes

Beyond dieting, Splenda® Brand Sweetener is suitable for people with diabetes. Many doctors recommend SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener as a valuable tool for people with diabetes as well as their families to help decrease their daily carbohydrate intake from sugar. SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener (sucralose) does not affect blood sugar levels, and up to 4 SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener packets are considered a "free food" for people with diabetes. SPLENDA® Sweetener Products also retain their sweetness under heat, so they can be used in recipes that require cooking or baking. As a result, for people with diabetes, SPLENDA® Sweetener products have broadly expanded the options for good-tasting sweetened foods that are lower in sugar and carbohydrate content. For many, they represent an important improvement to the daily lifestyle of people with diabetes.

Learn more about how SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener is suitable for people with diabetes by clicking here.

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