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SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener & Your Diet

SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener & Your Weight

Research supports the role of no-calorie sweeteners in weight management. Sugar added to foods and beverages provides calories, but no additional nutrients, and so calories from sugar are often referred to as "empty calories." SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener can help decrease the empty calories consumed from using sugar. Together with a plan for healthy physical activity, no calorie sweeteners can help with managing body weight.

While it has been suggested by some that no calorie sweeteners may cause weight gain, these claims are not backed by the collective scientific data. Often these claims are typically based on studies that were not designed to understand actual effects on weight management or the studies were of a very short duration, involving only a small numbers of animals. This includes, for example, a recent study in male rats funded by the Sugar Association that was found subsequently by recognized experts in nutrition and public health to have serious design flaws and conclusions that are unreliable and unsupported by the study data. The Expert Panel that investigated this study published their findings in the journal, Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. They concluded that the results of the study in question cannot be viewed as evidence that either SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener or sucralose cause any adverse effects. [For the latest news and research click here.]

In contrast, studies in people for up to 3 years support that no calorie sweeteners can be useful in weight management strategies. Additionally, rigorous, large studies in rats that received sucralose at doses equal in sweetness to over 40 pounds of sugar per day over a lifetime showed that sucralose does not cause increases in body weight. There are a lot of data that support that sucralose and other no-calorie sweeteners can be a useful in strategies for weight management.

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