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You care enough about your health to use a low calorie sweetener. So be sure to get the facts about SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener.

SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener - the brand name for sucralose - is a no calorie sweetener that can help people:

  • reduce added sugars and calories in their diet
  • control calories from sugar to help manage body weight
  • control carbohydrate intake from sugar to help manage conditions like diabetes

SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener is one of the most extensively studied no calorie sweeteners and has been used by millions of people around the globe for over 18 years. Unfortunately, some myths and inaccuracies exist about sucralose and low calorie sweeteners in general. This site addresses those myths and gives you the facts about the safety and benefits of the SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener and SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener Products. Take a moment to read through our site, learn what experts in health and nutrition have to say, and check out the various links for more information.

Latest News

An analysis by the USDA shows that the average American eats more than double the upper daily limit of added sugar.  SPLENDA® Brand along with the American Heart Association recognizes the importance of heart-healthy meal-planning, including ways to help reduce added sugar intake. Excess sugar intake can contribute to excess weight gain and being overweight increases the risk of developing serious health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. That is why the SPLENDA® Brand is a proud supporter of Simple Cooking with HeartTM, from the American Heart Association, which provides tasteful, easy tips for a diet lower in added sugar and higher in fiber and other wholesome nutrients for healthier meals. Simple Cooking with Heart™ provides families with information, cooking know-how and recipes for affordable and nutritious meals that can be made at home.  This can help Americans reduce added sugar while not sacrificing great tasting meals.